Jay Uehling

_DSC0345Type of farming operation:

Grain: Irrigated and dryland corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

Share the experiences you have had that will prepare you for serving on the CVA Board of Directors.

I was an associate board member for CVA for two years and then became a board member and have served for nine years.  After graduation from UNL in 1990 with an Ag Econ degree, I returned to the family farm. I have served on various community boards, church council, and have had many opportunities to work with others and problem solve. I enjoy working with other agricultural producers and enjoy being involved in local activities.

Why are you interested in serving on the CVA Board of Directors?

I want to see CVA thrive and sustain our local farmers. I want to see CVA continue to strive to be a supplier and purchaser of choice by providing excellent service and competitive prices. Changes are constant and will no doubt continue to provide challenges as we go forward. Being able to continue to redeem equity, compete in a global marketplace, and provide the services expected by today’s producer will no doubt keep those challenges coming.

What qualities do you possess that would add value to the CVA Board of Directors?

I am a good listener and take my time to think about the needs of the patrons when making decisions. The challenges faced by farmers are similar to the ones faced by the co-op. I feel I can help problem solve in our group setting by listening to our local patrons and sharing their voice with the board members.

Talk about your passion for the cooperative system.

I want to keep a locally owned company that is owned and represented by its members. There are many options out there for services and products, but I want to see a cooperative that is here to serve and be a supplier of choice from small grains to row crop to livestock. That has it’s challenges – to serve a farmer getting ready to phase out of production agriculture, those looking to expand, and those just getting a start.

What is your vision for CVA?

I would like to see a cooperative that is a leader in services and technology and can be a partner with producers to help them reach their goals in their farming operations. With today’s producers overall ability to fertilize faster, plant faster, harvest faster, feed livestock more efficiently, and do it all with more technology, it will take continual investment. Most importantly, CVA needs to keep great employees moving forward.

Provide any additional information you would like to share here:

My wife, Sheryl, is a 5th-grade teacher at Logan View. My daughter Elizabeth and son Grant are both attending college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My youngest daughter, Valerie, is a 7th grader at Logan View. I coach summer softball for Logan View Ball Association and youth basketball with my wife. We are members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Uehling, NE.