Kurt Thoene

_DSC0348Type of farming operation:

Grain: Irrigated corn and soybeans

Share the experiences you have had that will prepare you for serving on the CVA Board of Directors.

I have served two years as associate director and seven years as director. I also have served on the Advisory Council for Farm Credit Services.

Why are you interested in serving on the CVA Board of Directors?

As our co-op grows, we need to continue to become more efficient from our growth. Always asking, “How does this benefit the farmer owner/customer and its employees?”

What qualities do you possess that would add value to the CVA Board of Directors?

I am confident in my decisions. I pay close attention to issues in our area and make sure voices are heard.

Talk about your passion for the cooperative system.

The cooperative system has enabled farmers to join together and provide modern facilities, excellent services, a safe place for employees to work and revolvement of equity. Moving forward we must continue sharing the value of the cooperative to the young producers, so it is here to serve generations to come.

What is your vision for CVA?

CVA has an exciting future as we have brought some strong individual co-ops together to create a new CVA that will serve our region for generations. Modern facilities, great employees, timely equity retirement and industry leading products will ensure CVA’s story is one that its owners will be proud to share.

Provide any additional information you would like to share here:

I’ve been married to my wife Lynn for 21 years. We have four boys; Myles, Tate, Ty and Trev.