Larry Naber

Type _MAO4237of farming operation:

Grain: Seed corn, corn, soybeans and hay.   

Livestock: Show cattle and cow herd.

Share the experiences you have had that will prepare you for serving on the CVA Board of Directors.

I have been on the cooperative board for 10 years. 1 year with Utica, 2 years with Shelby and 7 years with UFC and CVA. I went to cooperative council training to help me understand the co-op system better. I also like to talk and listen to people and will speak up for all patrons large and small.

Why are you interested in serving on the CVA Board of Directors?

I’m proud of the cooperative. I want to make CVA the best place to do business, service, technology, facilities and employees to be top notch! This will help us keep our cooperative and the communities it serves strong.

What qualities do you possess that would add value to the CVA Board of Directors?

I’m a good listener, and I will communicate with others. I believe in honesty and accountability. I have been through the good times and the bad.

Talk about your passion for the cooperative system.

I believe we have the best cooperative in the country and also the best employees. I want this to continue long into the future.

What is your vision for CVA?

I want to keep CVA’s bottom line strong, so we are able to retire age equity and rotate our 10 year equity like we planned to.

Provide any additional information you would like to share here:

I have a wife, three children, a daughter-in-law and a new grandson. I have been a part of the community for 40 years. I enjoy farming and taking care of livestock with my two sons Trevor and Curtis. I’m willing to take the time to be a board member.