Jeff Berggren

Type of farming operation:

Grain: Corn and Soybeans

Share the experiences you have had that will prepare you for serving on the CVA Board of Directors.

I grew up on a Row Crop Farm located south of Stromsburg, Nebraska. From there, I graduated with an AAS Degree in Agribusiness Management from Southeast Community College in Beatrice, NE. I then pursued a career with Archer Daniels Midland and was employed with ADM from 2000-2009. During this tenure, I held various management positions at Rail and River Terminals throughout the Midwest. I was a location manager at their Grain facility in Marshall, MN. I was also given the opportunity to oversee their concrete silo construction project located in Rogers, ND. In addition, at their Mankato, MN regional office, I managed their Canadian currency position, truck dispatch, truck soymeal sales, soy hull truck and rail positions and also procured soybeans. I also held a director of procurement position for the Nebraska region at the ADM- Lincoln, NE office. From there, I pursued a career at Poet Nutrition which is located in Sioux Falls, SD.  I held the position of Sr. Export Trade Merchandiser. I was in charge of trading all Dried Distillers Grains exports to places such as Mexico, Morocco, and Asian Countries via container shipments and unit trains. Three years ago my family and I were given the opportunity to farm and relocate back near our hometown. We currently farm 1,200 acres of corn and soybeans in Polk County Nebraska. I am also a Series III licensed broker and own and operate a feed and commodities risk management company for livestock and grain producers throughout the Midwest.

Why are you interested in serving on the CVA Board of Directors?

I am interested in serving on the CVA Board of Directors because I feel that due to the background and knowledge in the Agricultural Grain and Agronomy Industry I would be able to serve the needs of our patrons and continue to make Central Valley Ag a successful cooperative. The strength and position CVA has today in the industry shows to be a quality leader in the Midwest, and I look forward to working with a successful team at CVA.

What qualities do you possess that would add value to the CVA Board of Directors?

The qualities I possess that would add to the Board of Directors would be that I am honest, resourceful, and have day-to-day involvement in the Agricultural Industry beyond the farm. Whether it’s Ag policy, safety, efficiencies, or anything the Board is involved in I would be able to make quality decisions for our cooperative.

Talk about your passion for the cooperative system.

The definition of a cooperative produces merit for every member in its system. CVA is an excellent cooperative system that strives to succeed in service and competitive values in our communities throughout the Midwest. The cooperative system has been successful for decades and the strength CVA’s system today brings value back to our patrons each and every day. That’s the type of cooperatives we need so producers can make their farms even more productive.

What is your vision for CVA?

My vision for CVA is to continue to evolve and adapt to handle the ever-changing agricultural industry and to have an advantage over the competitive business nature we see. We also need to prepare for the future and be structured to handle what’s to come down the road. We must create an environment so that the employees of CVA are encouraged to be proactive leaders now and in the future. Which, in turn, brings our patrons success.