Paul Jarecke

_DSC0361Type of farming operation:

Grain:  Corn, Soybeans and Alfalfa.

Livestock: Cow calf operation, along with back-grounding some calves.

Share the experiences you have had that will prepare you for serving on the CVA Board of Directors.

I have completed all four phases of the director training as well as continuing education offered through the co-op council. I am the past vice chairman of CVA Board, and have been the chairman of the CVA Credit Committee. I have been involved with mergers, attended UNL, participated in the Nebraska LEAD Program, attended the Managing for Tomorrow program, and am the current Vice President of the Merrick County Extension Board. All these experiences have developed me into a person who listens to many opinions and then processes the information to make the decisions that best fits the circumstance.

Why are you interested in serving on the CVA Board of Directors?

I want to see CVA remain as relevant as possible, keeping up with trends, sensing and acting on opportunities, managing risks, and executing the plans made. We must be prepared for what comes our way either opportunities or obstacles that may hamper our ability to keep moving forward

What qualities do you possess that would add value to the CVA Board of Directors?

I can listen very well to many opinions and statements and sort out the pertinent information to deal with the issue. Work to solve that issue, move on to the next issue so that the next time we are moving in the right direction. We must supply our patrons with the information, products, and services they need to help them become more profitable and stay in the game of modern day agriculture.

Talk about your passion for the cooperative system.

We must remember why the co-op system was created and build on it today. We must also be very aware of the present-day actions that are going on around us. We must also look to the future to see the latest trends and movements. In short remember the past, do our diligence now, and keep an eye on the future.

What is your vision for CVA?

To remain as one of the leading co-op’s in the area, that means supplying our patrons with information, products, and services they need to be as profitable as possible in all aspects of their operations. That also means to be able to help small, medium, as well as the large producers of grain and livestock.

Provide any additional information you would like to share here:

I have served on boards and committees, and I would enjoy continuing to work for all of CVA’s patrons. I have the ability to listen and then decide on issues before us. Thanks for your consideration!