Come Together

Farmers Handshake

Come Together from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. Some of you reading this right now grow Conventional Biotech crops. Or non-GMO. Some of you grow organically. Some of you have big farms; some of you have small ones. Some of you raise livestock; some of you raise grain. Some of you drink Pepsi and some […]

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A Specific Fit

Begin vs. 10-34-0, Shane Jessen

A Specific Fit from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. One of the first major decisions growers make for their corn is about the use of a starter fertilizer. Since about 90% of you are already using such a product, your decision is more specific to which product you’ll go with. I don’t usually use this […]

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Number Four – The Gravity of Water

CJ1_7516 copy

Number Four – The Gravity of Water from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. Last week, as I went through my Christmas List, one thing really stuck out to me from it was my wish for water. As some of you know, during the winter, I get a few chances to speak to groups at Farm […]

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An Opening Shot For 2017


An Opening Shot For 2017 from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. I’m calling 2017 the year of Making Good Decisions.  Before we open the year though, we need to dispel a little myth or misunderstanding or what-have-you that seems to excuse us from making good decisions: We give too much credit to genetics. Now, now.  […]

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Another Christmas Wish List

Old red barn in rural Wisconsin in the winter with beautiful sunrise behind the structures.

Another Christmas Wish List from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. I know that there is nothing original about a Christmas List this time of year. It’s been done by everybody, and I’m being a bit repetitive by doing it again. But, I think that as a self-proclaimed Ag Nerd, I have a bit of a […]

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Art & Science


How the Soup is Made from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. American Historian Will Durant said, “Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art”. When we talk about soil sampling, crop needs, and fertilizer prescriptions there is no more truth than what lays in that quote. As humans, we first started to understand the […]

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Your Planters Offensive Line

Closeup of American football on field with yard lines.

Your Planters Offensive Line from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. As I look out the window today, I’ll be honest. Planting is far from the first thing on my mind. And yet, I know how quickly it will be upon us. I have spent a fair amount of time in this space over the last […]

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