A Better Rocket Ship

A Better Rocket Ship from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’ve been talking about nitrogen all summer.  And hopefully you’re a regular reader of my colleague Keith’s series as well and know that he’s done the same with water.  It’s only (or is that already?) August, friends, but I know beyond a doubt that our commitment to our respective topics is going to last out this year and into 2017, too.  Because they’re just that important.

And our understanding of how to manage them is developing.  This past year has been one of research.  We’ve run many tests on different scales and in different scenarios, all with the goal of ferretting out the best practices related to the management of water and nitrogen.  And we’ve been successful in pinpointing some of those practices, so I can, without hesitation, call our year of research a success.

So now its time to take it to another level.

The complexities of water and nitrogen—how they act in the soil, how plants interact with them and use them—make it so that we can’t truly manage them with individual pieces.  True management requires a system, and that’s our next level.

We’re building a better racecar, a better rocket ship.  We’re on a mission to get high tech tools into your hands with the express purpose of improving your efficiency and thus your bottom line.  And we’re ready to hit the start button.

But for us, and in this instance, starting doesn’t mean rolling out a pre-formulated system packaged to sell.  For us, starting means taking what we’ve learned to you, so that we can learn even more about what is manageable, what is palatable.  The rocket ship we seek to build isn’t one straight from the lab, but one from the field.

So we need a group of growers.  A group of intrepid farmers open to sharing their experiences and opinions with us and with other intrepid farmers.  This is community learning, this is live development, this is building it as we fly it and we are calling on you to raise your hand and say, “Pick me.”

Maybe that’s your bag.  Some of you reading this might be jazzed at such an opportunity, to learn and teach and develop and reach, and others of you might be tuning out right about now…  To those of you in the jazzed group, we will be actively recruiting you in the next few weeks.  To those of you who are dubious, hang on a second.  Before you click out of this article prematurely, hear this: this idea is about filling that gap between me and you that I wrote about before.  It’s about bringing our heads together, bringing many voices together, to see the full picture of what long-term success, innovation, and profitability might actually look like.

Untitled-2Keith and I are excited, committed—borderline obsessed—with our nascent ideas for a system and we want to share what we know with you.  More importantly, we want you to share what you know with us and your neighbors and friends in the name of gaining you a competitive edge in a rapidly changing environment.

Interested? Give me or Keith a ring (or text or email or visit) or let your local ACS specialist know.  We’re looking forward to hearing all you have to say…