All Agronomy Is Local

All Agronomy Is Local from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

Sometimes I come across an idea or a perspective that just won’t leave me alone.  Something about it captures a particular moment or situation with such clarity that it rings around in my head for a few months.  It was weeks ago that I heard the phrase that “all agronomy is local,” but it has proven one of those ideas that just won’t leave me be.

It doesn’t seem to quite fit with the current trends of data and technology.  Often, these things seem anything but local.  In fact, data often must be large scale to be useful or valid.  And the movement toward digitization seems to seek to remove the human element.  The truth of it though is that while data and technology bring us insight, the nuts and bolts of agronomy are right there in your backyard.

Data and technology will never replace you.  Your job can’t be automated.  While it sometimes feels like the current trends seek to replace you, these trends make for nothing the moment that you’re not there to execute, in your own fields, with your own equipment, on your own time, upon the insights they offer.  When viewed from the right perspective, these trends can actually help you engage: they don’t make decisions for you, but rather help you make the best decision possible.

Central Valley Ag is embracing this perspective.  We’ll soon begin rolling out integrations of different technologies across the world of agronomics that will touch upon such things as dispatching systems, models, and prescription development (just to name a few).  We’re acting with the belief that technology finds its most power when it’s in the hands of someone trained to use it as a tool to assist decision making and someone you trust.

With this in mind, we’re hard at work training our Field Sales Agronomists to be the craftsman that such tools demand.  Not only are they learning to use singular pieces of technology to help you make decisions with a higher level of confidence, but, since no one thing is an end-all-be-all, they’re learning the integration of these pieces so that a system can be created specific to your situation and your needs.

We envision global technology in the hands of local experts. And the pieces are coming together.

Untitled-2The time to deny technology and digitization has rather passed. They are, simply put, the future of the industry, with enough momentum and critical mass to carry us all forward.  We’re in a post-conceptual phase with them—we’ve sussed out the what-ifs and could-be’s and now it’s time to deliver on these potentialities and promises.  Now it’s time to sort them for what is useful and what is not, to take the former and make it work for our benefit.

Which isn’t to say that this doesn’t yet come with some very real anxiety.  Our world has changed and continues to, but we aim to provide you security by 1) being your trusted advisor on all things data, tech, and digitization, and 2) delivering on many of the promises of data, tech, and digitization.  We’re all in and hope that you’ll trust us to lead you in as well.