Ascend® by WinField Proven Again

Kim Beam

Year after year, studies examining the potential benefit of Ascend® plant growth regulator treatments have shown positive yield increases in corn.  UFC is actively involved in helping deliver this benefit to your acre through our RD2 program in addition to showcasing the results in local Answer Plot trials.Ascend® is a plant growth regulator that is comprised of three plant hormones specially formulated to accelerate leaf, stem and root growth.  The ratio of these three hormones is what makes Ascend® perform so well, says WinField Agronomist, Randy Brown.   “There are other plant growth regulators out there, but Ascend is the only formulation that contains each of these three compounds. Ascend plant growth regulator also has EPA registration.”

Ascend® is a combination of: Cytokinin – is a natural plant growth regulator that promotes cell division and leaf expansion while slowing leaf aging.

Gibberellic acids – Stimulates the germination process in the seed resulting in earlier emergence and a more uniform plant stand, promotes cell division and elongation in leaves and stems.

Indolebutyric acid – is a plant growth regulator that stimulates vigorous root formation and development, and increases cell elongation.

Ascend® on Wheat

A Barnes, KS producer, did his own trial on a corn field this spring and after weighing up his results this fall he said, “I believe in the Ascend treatment.  In this on-farm trial, where I weighed it myself , there was a 12 bushel advantage on the corn that was treated with 4.5 oz per acre in-furrow of Ascend versus the corn that did not have any Ascend.”

A local dryland producer from Hanover, KS said he has seen an increase in standability and yields. He stated, “I am very happy with the product”.  Another dryland producer from Republic County said, “Although I have never done a side by side trial, I have observed the differences at a few of the Answer Plot trials , but what I observe in my fields with the in-furrow treatment is a definite advantage of seedling vigor and my corn plants get off to a healthier and quicker start.”

In addition to corn, Ascend® plant growth regulator is also effective on a wide-range of other crops, including alfalfa, soybeans, wheat and cotton. We are still looking for producers to conduct on-farm trials of Ascend® on wheat and soybeans.  The benefits have been proven, but we want to measure them on your acres.  If you have any interest in on-farm testing of Ascend® on wheat or soybeans, or getting more information about Ascend® on corn or alfalfa, consult your local UFC Field Sales Agronomist or Crop Scout.