Caring for Horses during Winter Months

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With the winter months quickly approaching how should owners prepare their horses to handle the cold and meet their nutritional requirements? A good place to start is doing a body condition score. Horses at a 5 or 6 BCS have the extra cover over their ribs and are in ideal condition going into winter. If […]

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Options for feeding calves after creep


Our calves are done with creep feed so now what… Now that we are done with creep feed for the year what are some options for feeding our calves? Depending on what a producer has in mind there are self-feeder options as well as hand or bunk fed. Let’s start with self-feeders, calves that have […]

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Grazing cows on stalks.

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Many of us are relieved to have enough corn out of the field to finally get our cows on stalks. Before doing so there are some important factors to consider… Amount of ears dropped on ground this year How can you adapt cattle to corn Should an Ionophore be used like Rumensin Do you need […]

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