Markets idle, so let’s gear up!


With Christmas under our belt and the New Year just around the corner, the market remains in the bottom of its range. We have been range bound for a couple of months, and holiday time keeps trade volume low. We will see a significant USDA report January 12, 2016.  Usually, a market moving report, at least, […]

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How Does Yield Affect Marketing?

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Many producers are very happy with the yields they are seeing; some yields were better than expected. Increases in yield can significantly change your marketing plan, and it is important to consider this in your overall planning.  Additional yield is basically a windfall providing extra profits to your bottom line. Added yield impacts your marketing […]

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It’s too busy to market!


With harvest in full swing, I would like to thank all of you for your continued business with Central Valley Ag.  Our Patrons are very important to us, and we value your business. I personally have seen the employees of CVA working extra hard to keep grain moving to continue accepting your grain, even after […]

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The Anatomy of an HTA


I realize many producers are cash sellers, and many don’t feel comfortable selling until it’s “in the bin.” But I am here to explain the perks of a Hedge to Arrive or an HTA, and how it adds flexibility to your operation. It is a risk management tool that eliminates risk altogether. Let’s start with […]

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Marketing Plans For All!

In many conversations I have with producers, they often tell me how much they enjoy farming and what goes with it. They enjoy planting the seed and raising the crop. Also enjoying the thrill of harvest, and the logistics that come with it. However, it seems many producers see marketing as their least favorite, or […]

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Fundamental Shift


It feels like there is so much to talk about with the 180-degree shift in fundamentals on June 30th after the release the USDA stocks report. Prior to the report, the primary focus of the market was managed money. It seemed the U.S. Dollar and oil had a major influence on grain, and the funds […]

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The Bears Have the Upper Hand.


It seems negativity in the market has become the norm, as many of us wait for the “summer rally” even just a bit of bullish news, or a weather scare to provide a selling opportunity. Unfortunately, the bears continue to win the battle and push grain prices even lower, as there are clearly more sellers […]

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