Export Demand Looks Strong for Corn & Beans


A lot has changed in the grain markets over the past several weeks. We’ve seen the marketplace shift from a bearish sentiment to a semi-bullish sentiment. The shift started taking place a few weeks back when rumblings began to circulate through the trade about production loss in South America; the second corn crop in Brazil, […]

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The Bean/Corn Ratio & What It Means


As issues with Argentine soybean production have surfaced due to wet weather, we have seen a rise in soybean prices. Funds have been buyers in uncertainty over just how much production was lost due to persistent rains in Argentina. Ideas circulated around the trade that we’d see the Chinese turn back towards the U.S. for […]

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Report day came and the Data did not Disappoint


This past week the USDA released the Quarterly Stocks Report and the Prospective Planting Report. In the days leading up to the report, I read several grain commentaries that all shared a similar message-these reports have tended to throw a little bit of a curve ball at the market. Prior to the report, I talked […]

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Be Prepared to Act


The last article I wrote talked about market volatility, or lack thereof, I should say. The market continues to be stuck in the same funk as it tries to work through a burdensome stockpile of grain. Domestic margins have improved slightly, but their buying habits have remained the same. They are buying the front end […]

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Volatility. It can be a scary word, but it’s also a word that’s welcomed with open arms in the grain business. Volatility provides opportunity. Volatile markets have wide price fluctuations and heavy trade volumes within short periods of time. We have not seen extreme volatility in the market in quite some time. A lack of […]

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Offering Free Price Later Program


It’s that time of year again where CVA will be offering it’s Free Price Later Program which is also commonly referred to as Delayed Pricing or Deferred Pricing. This program provides a unique opportunity to start moving some corn off the farm and hauling to participating CVA locations, all while not having to worry about […]

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A Bountiful Harvest


Harvest is coming to a close. Across our whole CVA territory, we have experienced exceptional yields in all commodities. The bountiful harvest called for creativity in creating additional space to take on all the extra bushels. We tried to do our best to serve you, our patrons and help keep your combines moving. At times, […]

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Happy Harvest!


Harvest is in full swing across most of the U.S. According to the most recent crop progress report; corn harvest has been reported at 27% complete and bean harvest was reported at 42% complete. As harvest has progressed in both the Eastern Corn Belt and Western Corn Belt, reports are indicating that bean yields are […]

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Keeping Your Glass Half Full


I gave it a good effort to try and write this blog on Friday afternoon, but my mind just wasn’t having it. I couldn’t live up to Kurt’s expectations to write an insightful article. I was too anxious for everything I had in store for the weekend. I had plans of going to watch my […]

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What Next?


The last month and a half was a roller coaster in the markets to say the least. Ideas of a big 14/15 carryout, large production in the U.S. this coming year, near record production coming out of South America, and the U.S.’s inability to be competitive in the export markets gave funds good reason to […]

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