Marketing your White Corn


As we turn the calendar to 2014, we will soon be kicking off our White Corn program. Being a specialty crop, the logistics and quality issues with White Corn can sometimes be a challenge, and this year will not disappoint us in that regard.

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Grain Marketing Tool Box


Your Grain Marketing Tool Box has several different marketing tools and each one has a specific purpose. There are two tools you can use today. The first tool is the Price Later Contract. This is a good contract to use when you have time to haul grain, but don’t necessarily like today’s price for cash corn or soybeans. What is the advantage?

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Planting Intentions for 2013


The 2013 planting season is quickly approaching and it appears to be an “about face” from 2012. We have witnessed record high corn and soybean prices from strong fundamentals, including tight supplies from reduced production due to the 2012 drought and strong global demand. Unfortunately, the cure for high prices is high prices and we have slashed export and domestic demand for the balance of 2013.

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Focus on Managing Risk


With harvest behind us, many producers are ready to close the door on 2012. Let’s take what we’ve learned and apply it to our 2013 marketing plan. One thing is certain…..futures markets will be volatile and basis swings are likely to be large.

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