Marketing Roller Coaster


In this week’s blog, I want to talk about the market’s recent price moves and what that does to us emotionally.  In the last month and a half, we have seen December corn trade from 3.6250 on June 16th to 4.5425 on July 14th and back down to 3.66 here on Monday, August 24th.  With […]

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Updating Breakeven


In this week’s blog, I want to stress the importance of knowing your breakeven and updating it throughout the growing season. This might sound simple, but it’s about knowing your operation and what it takes to grow the crop. I have been asking producers the past couple weeks, how has your production changed since putting […]

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ProEdge Summer Meetings


This week kicks off CVA’s ProEdge summer meetings. If you have never been to a ProEdge meeting, something we pride ourselves in is bringing good information to you and your operation, not a sales pitch. This round of meetings is very informal, a roundtable type of meeting. They are a short hour, so not much time […]

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