Because Decision Making Is A Tough Business

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by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

Farm show season is just about a wrap for 2016. No doubt you’ve seen a lot of new stuff—new equipment, new technology, new chemistries, new hybrids, etc—and that everyone was hawking their wares as the absolute answer to all your questions.

As if.

Though we certainly can find some common themes in our lists of problems and challenges, the totality of your problems and challenges is not universal, but perfectly unique to you. So how can any new something be marketed as an absolute answer?

The decision making process at a farm show can be difficult for many reasons, one of which is the glut of new, shiny things to take in, another of which is the pie-in-the-sky marketing stance you hear for every thing. It can be a challenge to weed out the really-good-and-relatively-easily-implementable things from the really-good-but-kind-of-challenging-to-implement things from the not-so-good-even-if-easy-to-implement things.

To avoid buyers remorse and wasting your time, or worse, your money, I present to you this simple flow chart to assist your own decision making at a farm show(and elsewhere, too). You’re likely already asking yourself at least a few of these questions, but I hope that this might help you determine the value of that something before you to your operation (and thus how deep to get into a discussion about it).York Accounting_20160119_172758

And friends, I’ll admit to the shameless plug I’ve included in my chart. If you just don’t know if something is good, bag, or otherwise, use us, your dedicated Central Valley Ag RD and ACS team, to help you out. There’s no charge at all to call and ask us a question.Blue-Box-e1409667504172

We’re really just sitting around waiting for it. (Just kidding—we’re really out doing a whole ton of cool research and such but we like talking with you more.)