Southern Spotlight: Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads


2015 is the year that Marty McFly went to in Back To The Future II, a full 30 years into the future from the movie’s setting in 1985. We (very unfortunately) don’t yet have the hover boards that the movie depicted in 2015, but one message from the movie yet rings true: the world looks very different in 30 years’ time…

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Southern Spotlight: Maximizing Grass Production

Cattle Grazing SS

Right now, we’re out putting fertilizer down in anticipation of our row crops, but what about your pasture acres? Cattle prices have fallen slightly, but they’re still worth a fair amount. Fertilizing some of your grass acres will help maximize your grass production and support your already lucrative cattle operation…

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Southern Spotlight: Welcome to the Jungle

July Tassels

That’s my prediction for the year, folks: 2015 is going to be a bit of a jungle.

A lot of things make me say so. I know that it’s only mid-January, but already strange things are taking shape. They aren’t things to be scared of (I don’t exactly foresee any jaguars in this jungle), but they are things to be navigated with care (like a fork in the path).

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Southern Spotlight: Clarity


December 21st, 2000: I remember the night well because that was the night I asked my now-wife to be my then-girlfriend. Or so I thought. You see, I asked her to a movie. Which in my mind was the very same as asking her to be my girlfriend. But which wasn’t in her mind. I had asked the right question, but used the wrong words.

I think that we—meaning me and you—get caught in the same mix-up sometimes…

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Southern Spotlight: Wonders

Close up Cob SS

Central Valley Ag Agronomy was fortunate to host the semi-famous Dr. Fred Below at a meeting last week. For those of you who were in attendance, this might sound like a bit of review. For those of you who weren’t however, read on, but first, just go Google the man and his Seven Wonders of High Yield Corn Production. Really. I’ll wait…

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Southern Spotlight: Toward a Common Goal


Regular readers know that throughout the fall, my favorite drum to beat has been purchasing fertilizer. Input prices are high, grain prices are low, but my beat all along has been that you need to buy anyway. And you need to buy like right now. But many of you still (still!) haven’t, which is evidence that we feel differently about how important taking that action is right now…

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Southern Spotlight: Deer Season


Deer season has started, and if you’re not out hunting for Goliath, everyone else you know is. The best among them have been scouting his habits for weeks, maybe months. Of course, this article isn’t about deer hunting. It’s about crop scouting. That time and money you invest in investigating a trophy deer’s habits—why not do the same for your crops, which can return not a trophy and some dried meat, but actual money?

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