Southern Spotlight: Fungicide at Tassel

Corn At Night

Fungicide at V5 is a seriously good decision.

But what’s that you say? Your plants are way past V5? You didn’t do a fungicide then?


You, fortunate grower, are in luck. Fungicide at V5 is a good idea, but if that ship has sailed, fungicide at tassel time has many benefits as well.

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Southern Spotlight: Tissue Sampling to Increase Yield

N Deficiency in Corn

Tissue sampling is so very important to your operation. While a visual inspection might not be able to tell us if it’s a zinc or sulfur deficiency streaking your corn leaves with yellow, a tissue sample will yield a clear answer. If you use tissue samples proactively as a preventive measure against deficiencies, you will be able to catch any issue before it affects your yield.

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Southern Spotlight: Controlling Volunteer Corn

Volunteer Corn

Imagine a single kernel of corn rolling around in your hand. How many of these did you leave in your field at the end of last season? Of course, you didn’t leave them purposefully. They ended up on the ground due to head shatter and overfull bins at harvest, due to deer ripping through your fields and knocking the ears from your plants. However they got there though, they’re back to haunt your soybeans right about now.

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Southern Spotlight: Groundhog Day


Hear that sound? Listen. That’s a sigh of relief.

As I write this article, most everything is in the ground and for a moment, we can breathe a little easier.

Just for a moment though, because in about 30 days, our wheat crop is coming off. Within 60 days time, you’ll begin making some serious decisions about next season. With the 2014 crop in, folks, let’s talk about 2015!

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Southern Spotlight: Options for your Wheat crop


I’ve fielded a lot of calls since our recent freeze, and they all have the same gist: “What do I do now?” There’s a lot of wheat out there looking less than amazing, and in a year such as this one, which has been one of the most difficult in memory, the question indeed is, “What do we do now?”

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Southern Spotlight: Rescue Treatments

weedy field

By now, about 60% of our soybean crop has been planted. Hopefully planting went well for you—you took your time, followed your plan, and were able to get into your fields during optimum soil conditions (the weather has made this last one hard for many of us this year). And hopefully you’ve got your pre-emergent on already because it’s shaping up to be, potentially, a very weedy summer.

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Southern Spotlight: Protecting the Flag Leaf

Wheat Field

Some of our wheat fields are looking pretty gloomy right now. It’s been a rough winter for the wheat plant, but don’t be discouraged. Currently, wheat is at a high in the market, trading at or near $8 at your UFC elevators. So even if your stand leaves something to be desired, there is value in working for every bushel yet possible.

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