Time to get back to the basics.


Over the past three months, July soybean futures have rallied more than $3.00 and new crop November futures have climbed $2.50, July corn futures have moved over 75 cents higher and December futures 65 cents over just the past two months. Grain markets made a similar run late last June into early July, and we […]

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Crop Planting Progress

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.23.18 AM

On Monday afternoon, the USDA released the Crop Progress report. As of Sunday evening, May 22, the USDA estimated that the US corn crop was 86% planted vs. the 75% planted as of last week. We are still a touch behind last year’s pace at this time with 90% planted and a shade higher than […]

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The Power of Basis


Grain markets have been very exciting since early March. Well, I guess I should say soybeans have been very exciting, with July beans seeing $2.295 rally since March 2nd! That’s easy to get excited about until you called for a cash bid and found the cash price to be only up slightly from the previous […]

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The Bean/Corn Ratio & What It Means


As issues with Argentine soybean production have surfaced due to wet weather, we have seen a rise in soybean prices. Funds have been buyers in uncertainty over just how much production was lost due to persistent rains in Argentina. Ideas circulated around the trade that we’d see the Chinese turn back towards the U.S. for […]

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April Was a Good Month


Corn and soybean markets both made nice moves higher during the month of April. For the month, old crop soybeans advanced $1.35 with the new crop contract adding $1.05. Corn, after taking a major setback following the March 31st prospective planting report, was able to add 55 cents to old crop and 45 cents to […]

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April Showers Bring May Flowers


April showers bring May flowers? I sure hope so! Moisture this week and some sunshine soon will be the perfect recipe for crops to shoot up this spring. This past weekend a friend and I were able to travel to Western Nebraska to see some other friends. Our destination was 14 miles south of Hay […]

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Planting and Basis Considerations

Corn Stand_Uniform

Planting season is fast approaching, and farmers are soon to be in the field hard at work. This becomes a busy time of year and as producers/sellers head to the fields. I am in hopes this helps relieve the selling pressure and allows the market to continue its rally.  When selling grain, there are two […]

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Report day came and the Data did not Disappoint


This past week the USDA released the Quarterly Stocks Report and the Prospective Planting Report. In the days leading up to the report, I read several grain commentaries that all shared a similar message-these reports have tended to throw a little bit of a curve ball at the market. Prior to the report, I talked […]

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It’s that time of year.


Let me start by wishing you all a belated Happy Easter, what an unbelievable promise we receive because of the empty tomb. I always look forward to, and enjoy, this time of year as things begin to come alive. Trees start to bud, perineal plants come alive, calving season is in full swing, and days […]

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Spring Markets


The weather is sure warming up and as I drive down the roads I’m seeing a lot of equipment in the fields. Even though the calendar hasn’t quite switched over, spring is finally here!! Spring is my favorite time of year, except for losing that hour of sleep that seems to take me a week […]

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