Changes I Can’t Afford NOT to Make!

Changes I Can’t Afford NOT to Make! from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

by Keith Byerly

by Keith Byerly

I was reading an article on Twitter the other day about multi-hybrid planting that was written about my friends up at South Dakota Wheat Growers and the work that they were doing. While I would love to go on a tangent about what we at CVA can offer you in the arena of a multi-hybrid planter, and how it’s the future, that’s not what caught my attention about this article. What caught my attention was that the article was shared by Jason Webster, who is one of the lead Agronomist at Precision Planting, and the heading that he put on it. That heading was, “Honey, I don’t think we can afford not to make these changes.”

That conversation is about as honest and real as it gets in this day and age. As we look at the two markets that surround us right now, the Iron Market (equipment) and the Commodity Market, we are faced with a reality that is quite daunting. The likelihood of a market changing rally in grains is anybody’s guess. It might happen tomorrow or in 30 months. But we are not in control of that. What we are in control of is our efficiency and our production. If we can raise our next few crops more economically, or increase our yield without increasing our cost per bushel in a significant way, those will both put us in a better fiscal position. And those two things are within our grasp when we talk about technology.

Everybody has a next step when it comes to technology, and I hope you know what yours is. For those of you keeping score at home, I often bring up the need to have a technology plan and have that be something that several people help you develop. For some of you, your next step may be the adoption of intensive soil sampling. For others, the next step might be introducing Variable Rate Seeding or Variable Rate Nitrogen onto your farm. But there is also a group out there who’s next step involves a purchase of hardware.

We have completed the winter farm show circuit. We have been to many dealer-sponsored events. We’ve even spent some cold afternoons and evenings reading the publications that show up in our mailbox. And we have been wondering if the hype is true. Are there really things on our planter that can add yield, and provide us a complete ROI this year and set us up for success in the future? For some of you, that might be a new starter fertilizer system or attachment. For others that might mean a major upgrade to the seed monitoring system or to the seed meters. Others might be looking at their current downforce system and really wondering if the bushels would be there to justify replacing it. And then there is that very small group looking at the Multi-Hybrid aspect and wondering what that would mean for their farm.

None of these are wrong. You know your farm, your fields, and your soil. Your gut tells you more about the potential that is left in your field each year than any ROI calculator or salesman ever will. ROI calculators and Salesmen exists to get the gears turning in your head and question your current reality. So if your gut is saying that you can raise the yield by replacing something, you owe it to your operation to explore that option.

Within that thought lies your take-home for the day. In the last 15 years, most of the planters that are traded in have a good bar and row units, and just need some maintenance and upgrades, not completely replaced. If you have decided that your planter could help increase your profitability, then we need to talk. With our Ag Leader and Precision Planting line, we can turn your current planter into a whole new machine. We can do so much with what you already have.

It said that we have around 40 opportunities in our lives to plant a crop and grow it into our livelihood. That means that for each year we wait to make a profit influencing change, 2.5% of our chances to capitalize on these changes are gone. Can you afford not to adopt some new technology this year?