Double Crop Season Is Upon Us

by James Banahan

by James Banahan

…And methinks some of you might be looking for a little extra revenue given our late(r) planting date and the less-than-stellar looks of the wheat crop about to come off. Fortunately, with the moisture we’ve received, we’re set up to have a better-than-average chance at producing a successful second crop, but, as always, there are a few things to consider.

Don’t be Short-Sighted

What is your rotation plan for next year? Sure, it seems like a long way off right now, but knowing your plan will help you make the best decisions regarding a second crop right now. As in, will you need to fallow some acres for wheat this fall?

Herbicide, What?

That Finesse or Olympus that you put on your wheat has more than likely been flushed through the soil by all the rain we’ve had. Need evidence? Check out the weeds poking through most of the wheat in the area. But, if you 1) used a Sulfonylurea product, 2) don’t want to use a SU resistant soybean, and 3) are feeling a little luck, your seed options are pretty well wide open right now.

Weeds SS

Weeds and More Weeds

What’s your plan to keep the weeds that have escaped under control? Remember, just because the sickle cuts them off at the feet doesn’t mean that you’re magically dealing with a 4 inch weed. It is actually a 30 inch weed (or an 18 inch weed, or 24 inch, etc) and it has a 30 inch weed root system spreading in your soil, drinking the drink a 30 inch weed requires. So, best laid plans for a second crop start with best laid plans for addressing our favorite plants to hate.

Keep Your Supplier in the Loop

We at Central Valley Ag are already getting calls to send back seed and to dump our extra seed beans. If your seed supplier isn’t aware of your second crop intentions, your decision might be made for you as seeds are eliminated from stock. Don’t let this situation happen to you. Go and happen to it—if you haven’t talked with your supplier lately, make a friendly call and share your plans.

This is just a brief list to get your gears turning as we enter what can be an exciting, fast-paced part of our season. Putting your mind to work on second crop plans ASAP will eliminate the rush in the weeks to come and help ward off hasty mistakes and oversights. We’ve still got a ways until harvest, but no matter your plan of action, one that’s well-thought will be the one that’s best for your operation.