Go Time

James Banahan

James Banahan

It’s go time here in north central Kansas.  The warm weather might send up some red flags for our nitrogen, but it also sends us into overdrive and leads us to the frenzied thinking that holy crap, I’ve got to get something done with my herbicide!

Which is good, but whoa little doggies.  Don’t lose your heads.

A lot of you will start planting corn in about a month, maybe a little sooner.  Most pre-emerge herbicides don’t need to be put on until a week or two before planting and many of them can be either banded on with the planter or put down just after planting.

For those of you still deciding what chemistry to use this year (which, judging from our phone calls, is more than a few of you) or those of you who have made the chemistry decision but are still unsure about the timing, you still have a little time to stop and make a plan.  The time for hasty decisions isn’t yet upon us, thankfully.

For those of you with plans in place, now is still a good time to take a little break and take inventory.  If you’ve planned on using co-op products or services to spray or such, give your Central Valley Agronomy Field Sales Agronomist a quick call to make sure that everyone is on the same page as you.

And, for those of you who are ready to press go, don’t just yet.  It’s not true for all our areas, but we just got a nice half inch rain here in north central Kansas and you’re best to stay out of the fields just a while longer, to avoid packing things down unnecessarily.


While the rain might slow your roll for a few days, it brings with it a lot of good.  For one, it’s been really dry this winter (and generally for the past two years) so any rain at all is good for us.  Secondly, it will soon bring on a flush of weeds that we can kill with a good, early chemical application.  Our plants then can start growing in a competition-free environment and reap all the benefits of the moisture and our nutrient applications.

Very soon, you know all heck will break loose in the spring fervor of planting.  Enjoy this little breather provided to us by some much needed rain and check and re-check your plans.  A lot of time has elapsed since pre-pay time in December and you can take this opportunity to make sure that you didn’t gain or lose any ground since then or switch up cropping intentions on your acres.  We’ve all heard a horror story or two about a mis-application of Atrazine going on ground that was going to beans.  A quick check into your plans now—and a quick call to make sure your FSA is heads up too—will prevent any more contributions to that collection of very scary stories indeed.