Grain Adviser Program

by Dakota Olson

by Dakota Olson

It’s hard to believe that harvest is coming to a wrap.  Who would’ve thought we’d be this far along with harvest by Halloween?? The little rainfall last week was a blessing to settle the dust and give our producers a little time out of the fields. Some may argue that it delayed harvest a couple more days, but it gave us just a little time to catch-up on some maintenance, work with livestock, or just have an extra meal with our families.

Even though we may be exhausted and ready for a break, it’s not the time for us to completely forget to market our grain. Marketing doesn’t seem like the most well-favored task of being a producer.  Some say it’s the hardest part of their operation. Many of us would choose not to deal with it if we absolutely didn’t have to. In all reality, this could be one of the most important aspects of an operation.  Instead of taking a break from or ignoring the grain markets, you may want to take advantage of the tools available to diversity your marketing risk. _MAO4932-EditWEB

CVA has now opened enrollment into the Grain Adviser Program as one extra tool to consider. This year you will have the opportunity to lock in up to 1/3 of your old and/or new crop corn and beans to have someone else market them. All of the bushels committed to the program will be marketed over a specified period of time and as a producer you will still have flexible delivery options when it’s time to move the grain.

Not sure what to do with the extra bushels you produced this year?  No problem! As long as they are in your bins, they are eligible for the program. Still haven’t put much thought into next year’s crop? This is a good chance to get started.

The sign-up period will remain open until December 15th. For more information on the Grain Adviser Program, please contact your local ProEdge Grain Specialist or Risk Management Consultant.