Grain News: What are your Options?

Allan Zumpfe

Allan Zumpfe

As the 2012 crop marketing year winds down, we are seeing the volatility crank up.  Not so much in the futures price, but in Basis.  We are in the middle of unprecedented basis values for old crop corn, with numbers trading in the upper 180’s over the September futures at many locations around the country.  The driver of this continues to be the end user, as they try to figure out how to buy just one bushel more than they need to run their plants prior to the first load of new crop corn being delivered.    The key to this (as producers/suppliers) is to make sure that you/we are not bushel number two more than they need, as it will only be worth new crop value.  We will walk in one day in the not so distant future and will see basis break over a buck.  One can’t lose sight that there is still corn available (July USDA Report 2012 Carryout – 729 million bushels); it can and will move to the market that needs it…..and demand does have a limit.


At UFC we have marketing options available to assist you in all your needs.  We are currently picking grain up off the farm and hauling either to our NCRC locations or direct to the ethanol plants.  Please call your location personnel, local originator, or the York office to discuss the markets and options to get the best price possible.


  • Maxine Goelz – 402-527-5511
  • Josh Gartner – 402-362-8459
  • Rusty Morehead – 402-362-8458

York Marketing Office:

  • Lori Wyman – 402-362-8449
  • Tyler Kester – 402-362-8426
  • Amanda Lemburg – 402-362-8421
  • Allan Zumpfe – 402-362-8450