Growing Together


Carl Dickinson, CEO

Carl Dickinson, CEO

It is an exciting time in the life of your cooperative.  Your board and management teams have worked hard to create a cooperative that you can be proud of and will serve you long into the future.  This certainly is not your grandfather’s cooperative, but we are not serving your grandfather. We are serving customer/owners that are progressive, focused and complex.  Together you have created a cooperative with an amazing balance sheet that will now have the critical mass to compete in any market.

We have been working hard to bring our cooperative together as one.  I want you to know that our main focus has been on “Customer Facing Functions”.  Our goal is to ensure that the great service you have received in the past continues or improves as we go through the process of making two great companies one.  We have a lot of work to do, and sometimes we get more focused on the work than the customer. If you feel like we are not serving you in the best way that we can, please let us know, so we can make corrections.

I want you to know that even as we join the cooperatives, we continue our focus to “Re-commit, Re-Invent and Re-Invest”. Our 81-20 project is on schedule to receive grain this fall. Also on track is our expansion project at Rising City. In addition to our construction projects, the board has approved a significant increase in our truck fleet to help with this harvest and position your cooperative to serve you better in the future. This will help us with the challenges we are facing with the rail system. This is just one example of how our teams have started working together to identify the best practices and services from both companies. Please understand that this will take some time, but I believe customers and member-owners from both companies will experience better, more enhanced services.

“Our teams are working together to identify the best practices and services from both companies”

Back Row (L to R): Jeff Grawe – SVP Special Projects, Don Swandon – CFO, Karl Hensley – SVP Agronomy, Carl Dickinson – CEO, Bryan Reichmuth – SVP Operations, Allan Zumpfe – SVP Grain
Front Row (L to R): Tim Esser – SVP HR, Peggy Hopwood – SVP Member Services, Dick Munn – SVP Energy, Rober Turek – SVP Feed, Reed Nelson – SVP Marketing (Senior Team Bios can be found HERE )

My excitement for the “New CVA” grows every day. The agriculture industry will face many challenges in the next few years, and you have built a cooperative that is well positioned to help you on your farm and add value to your operation.

I thank you for your business, we understand that you have lots of choice as to where to purchase your inputs or sell your grain, so thank you for choosing Central Valley Ag Cooperative. As a farmer-owned cooperative, all we ask is the opportunity to earn your business.