Growing Value. Every Farm. Every Acre.

HeaderIn keeping with United Farmers Cooperative’s Mission Statement “To provide innovative products, services, and information that grows stakeholder value”, in 2013 we are going to extend our focus to ensure we bring you Value on Every Farm and Every Acre. The past two years we have really driven our focus to the corn acres of the UFC territory, but this year that changes. Starting on February 13th & 26th at the RD Series Kick-Off meeting and continuing throughout the RD Summer Series events, in Newsletters and our ReachOut articles, we will be discussing the ways we can start increasing the value of each of the acres you farm.

By Mike Zwingman

By Mike Zwingman

Both sessions at the RD Kick-Off Meetings will include a glance back at 2012 to review what we learned and what worked for us. We will also talk briefly about the evolution of the RD Platform and what may be different in 2013. Our goal at the end of both sessions, as well as all of the RD Series events this summer, is that you will walk away with at least one 5 bushel an acre idea.

As mentioned above, we are going to Kick-Off this year’s RD Summer Series on February 13th in Nebraska and February 26th in Kansas with a two session event that will start at 10:00 a.m. The morning session will be for the growers that want to know how each of the products we plan to use in 2013 works. The product groups that we will talk about that day are: Plant Growth Regulators, Humic and Fulvic Acids, Nitrification Inhibitors, Fungicides, as well as Resistant Weed Prevention Strategies. We look forward to these being in-depth discussions about how these products work and a better understanding of the when and why we would use any one or combination of them in your production plans. Also in this session, we will show examples of how we might test some of these products if you would choose to be a cooperator for an RD plot for the 2013 growing season. We would appreciate questions on the products during the presentations, as well as feedback or even ideas for products you would like to see on your farm.

The afternoon session is geared to the grower who would rather know what to use and when to use it; rather than listen to the technical reason why it works during the morning session. This session will be a calendar layout of a growing season for both Corn and Soybeans, including a look at the critical periods in each of those crop’s growth stages where we can do things that will have a positive effect on yield. We will briefly discuss what is going on in the plant during those stages and the products that will have the greatest influence on yield at each critical time period. This calendar will be based on different planting dates and three different growing seasons to approximate when a given crop will be at a certain growth stage. This presentation will be a continuation on the Blueprint to Higher Yields presentation that we gave at the Answer Plot in August. We will also discuss the challenges this year may bring and how we might best handle them before they occur.

Finally, in both sessions we will preview what the Answer Plot will look like in 2013 and discuss the unique demonstration blocks that we will invite your input as to what research we should be conducting. We feel we have an exciting list of new products to demonstrate and innovative ideas to share during the coming growing season. We also want to thank our 2012 RD cooperators for their contributions to our research efforts and we look forward to working with even more producers in 2013. We will be excited to see you at the kickoff on the 13th & 26th!!