Irrigation Time?

Irrigation Time- 2-9-17 from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

by Keith Byerly

by Keith Byerly

Through the years I have witnessed one thing over and over again. And when I see it happen so often, I know it is not a coincidence, I know it’s a pattern, a pattern that has manifested itself as an absolute truth. That the best-laid plans often go out the window when we hit the spring rush. We have a plan and a budget in place for fungicide, technology, or irrigation, but we abandon ship too quickly. So, I want to talk about why now is the time to commit to our irrigation plan and budget, and not leave it in the air for the next four months.

So, while the ground is frozen may not seem like the best time to be talking about irrigation, but it is. You have clarity of a clear mind right now, and focus. You can give your undivided attention to irrigation, and here are the things you need to think about. We know the issues that continue to face us from an environmental and social aspect when it comes to water and irrigation. I could rehash that again right now, but if you haven’t heard it before, look back through my posts, and you will have plenty of opportunities to catch up. Today, we are going to attack this from a strictly financial aspect.

Obviously, I don’t know any better than you what this year’s irrigation needs are going to be. But I feel like we always need to plan for an average irrigation season. So for the sake of argument, we are going to say the requirement this year is around 9 inches. Now, I could take the next two paragraphs and explain to you the numbers and the ROI, but here is the long and short of this conversation. On average, we save about 20-30% on irrigation when we utilize an AquaSystems moisture probe. At normal energy costs and current commodity prices, that means we have the opportunity to make $3.50 or more for every $1.00 we spend.

I know we need to control our spend right now, but making that kind of an ROI right now is something you can’t ignore. But as I always preach, lots of people offer moisture probes, however, in this case, you get not only a local agronomist that understand your farm and needs but a whole ACS team dedicated to ensuring your success. Technology is part of this solution. Making sure that we place the probe properly in the field, and making sure that you understand not only the how’s, but the why’s is essential.

And so here is my take home for you today. Now is the time to commit to a moisture probe on for next year. It gives us time to build a plan, it gives us time to do our homework, and it gives us time to make sure your AquaSystems probe is properly placed. I want you to remember that the probe is only part of the story and part of what you are buying. Even with all the technology we have in the world today, it often still comes down to people being the difference between something being a success or a failure. AquaSystems comes with 14 of those people that we know will be the cornerstone in helping your profitability and success for next season when it comes to irrigation management. Who else can offer you that much Return on Your Investment?