Keep the Right Fuel in the Tank

Dick Munn, SVP Energy

Dick Munn, SVP Energy

Protect your Diesel Engines in Cold Weather by Keeping the Right Fuel in the Tank. CVA Energy knows you must keep your vehicles operating at their peak performance during the winter to maintain a profitable operation.

You can count on Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels for your fleet, even in bitterly cold weather, to deliver the efficiency and performance that you need. Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels protect your diesel engines during cold weather while optimizing power. And, unlike typical winterized diesel fuels, Cenex Premium Diesel Fuel w/CFI contains an advanced additive that delivers optimal engine performance in extremely low temperatures.

As the weather changes, CVA Energy will provide #1 Diesel Fuel for your farm delivery and at designated 24 Hour Fueling locations.  We also will provide various blended fuels as the cold temps dictate.  PLEASE check the pumps before you fuel to check the blending rate.

Percentage of #1 Fuel Cloud point of blend (Temp) Operability with CFI (Temp)
10 11 -4
20 8 -7
30 5 -10
40 2 -13
50 -1 -16
60 -4 -19
70 -7 -22
80 -10 -25