Marketing your White Corn

by Lori Wyman

by Lori Wyman

As we turn the calendar to 2014, we will soon be kicking off our White Corn program. Being a specialty crop, the logistics and quality issues with White Corn can sometimes be a challenge, and this year will not disappoint us in that regard. Some of the early challenges we see are:

  • Moisture levels on this year’s crop are high. UFC is still required to ship a maximum of 14.5% moisture per car on the trains. Knowing that, our facilities will be closely monitoring the moisture content of the corn you will be dumping.
  • Stress Cracks are limited to a maximum of 20%. When handled correctly, white corn can be run through a dryer and still meet this requirement.
  • Corn of Other Color – Due to Enogen, GMO yellow corn, and the Syngenta Viptera trait issues, our buyers have emphasized that they will not allow the maximum of 1% yellow corn to be exceeded in our shipments of White Corn.
  • Logistics – Our initial goal was to ship white corn between January 15th and April 15th out of Tamora, Waco and Hampton. As of today, that plan is partially right.

The good news is, our buyers want corn early this year. The bad news is: BN freight is trading at values so high (57½ cents/bushel) we can’t afford to ship on the BN. We can buy cars on the UP for under 3 cents/bushel, so we have shifted the first train to Shelby, NE for shipment by January 20th.

Our White Corn customers will be contacted by an originator to discuss the shipping schedule and freight spreads to haul corn to Shelby or other surrounding locations. We will also work with you to pick up your White Corn on the farm. We recognize that this situation is not ideal, and definitely not what we had planned, but we will work together to maximize your crop value and ship a high quality product to our export buyers.

Our Origination Team is available to assist you with your marketing needs. Please feel free to call your location grain personnel, Maxine Goelz, Lori Wyman, Amanda Lemburg, Devin Dauel, Kelby Vandenberg or myself at 402-362-8404.