Markets idle, so let’s gear up!

Greg Mockenhaupt ProEdge Risk Management Consultant 

Greg Mockenhaupt
ProEdge Risk Management Consultant

With Christmas under our belt and the New Year just around the corner, the market remains in the bottom of its range. We have been range bound for a couple of months, and holiday time keeps trade volume low. We will see a significant USDA report January 12, 2016.  Usually, a market moving report, at least, one way, or another. This is our chance to gear up for the opportunity.

As we move into 2016, I would like to remind everyone of the full ProEdge marketing services CVA offers to customers. ProEdge Risk Management Consultants have worked diligently to offer a new level of custom service that surpasses the competition. This service gives our customers an edge when it comes to marketing grain.

ProEdge Risk Management Consultants will be presenting past and current markets in our winter meetings scheduled in January. The purpose of these meetings is to cover 2015 markets and offer insight moving forward, as well as strategies to make your marketing a success. These meetings will be held through CVA territory with a meal served after.

Please join us at one of the following ProEdge winter meetings:

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