Maximize Fall Fertilizer Investments

Andy Bowman, Field Sales Agronomist

Every fall, when it comes time to plan for the upcoming growing season, we look for ways to better manage nutrients and maximize costly fertilizer investments – all without sacrificing yields. Factors such as fertilizer prices, weather conditions and the bottom-line numbers all play a role in your thinking, all while we here at UFC look for helpful ways to assist in this important decision.That’s where AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer, from SFP, can play a role. Researchers estimate as much as 75 to 95 percent of applied Phosphorus1 (P) fertilizer becomes fixed in the soil in the initial year of application (making it unavailable for plantuse), but you still need to produce prosperous crops. To do this, nutrients must be applied at optimal rates – and at optimal times – to avoid deficiency and to maintain manageable input costs. In order to ensure adequate nutrient availability and uptake, more and more local growers are using AVAIL® with their P fertilizer applications.

 Smart decisions in fall = prosperous spring

In choosing AVAIL® as part of a fall P application program, you will give yourself an advantage this spring when time is often scarce and valuable. Additionally, AVAIL® is proven to work throughout the winter to protect fall-applied P and ensure it’s available when the plant needs it in the spring.

What is AVAIL®?
AVAIL® is a water-soluble additive for dry or liquid P fertilizer and acts as a shield, protecting the fertilizer from elements like aluminum, iron, calcium and magnesium that would normally tie up P and render as much as 95 percent unavailable to the plant. Here at UFC, we are ready to help you maximize your investment by being able to treat all of your Phosphate needs with AVAIL® at many of our dry fertilizer handling locations and all of our liquid fertilizer facilities. Our treatment capabilities will eliminate any inconvenience or extra handling by you, our Producer Owners, to maximize your time in the field.

What can I expect to see from MY use of AVAIL®?
“In field trials with AVAIL®, we’ve found AVAIL® treated acres can increase the availability of applied P fertilizer regardless of when it is applied,” says Barney Gordon, Ph.D., agronomic consultant and emeritus professor in Kansas State University’s department of agronomy. “Research also shows that AVAIL®-treated phosphorus out-yielded non-treated whether applied in fall or spring.” On a local level, UFC has found similar results through our RD2 & RD300 plots as well as in regular field condition side-by-side trials.

Contact your local UFC Field Sales Agronomist to discuss how we can include AVAIL® as part of your fall fertility program to maximize the return on your Phosphorus investment.