Much Needed Clarity

Soybean Traits of 2017 Meetings Reachout February 27, 2017 from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

We haven’t seen this much excitement and confusion around new traits since the days when both the Huskers and Cowboys rode high atop college and the NFL. You don’t know how much it hurts writing that one simple line. With the advent of all these new trait and herbicide options in soybeans, even I am looking for some much-needed clarity. Later this week we will get just that from two meetings that Central Valley Ag’s Seed and Agronomy specialists are putting on.

These meetings are being held later this week, first in York on Thursday, March 2, 2017, at 10:00 AM at the Holthus Event Center. The second meeting will be in Norfolk at the Divots Conference Center at 10:00 AM on Friday, March 3, 2017. These meetings are a great opportunity to learn all about the new technologies, herbicides that are approved, nozzles and tank mixes you can use, determining optimal application conditions and the bordering and buffer requirements for everything listed above. CVA is here to help you prepare for the 2017 planting season. A few more things you will hear about in these meetings include;

Here are a few things you’ll learn in these meetings.

  • Weed Management Basics
  • Approved Traits for 2017 and Beyond
  • New Chemistry for 2017
  • Best Management Practices
  • Panel Discussions

These new tools give us an opportunity to make better use of the technology in your and our cabs to collect as applied data to ensure that we are doing the right things in the right places.  Sharing your as-planted maps so we can double check variety selection and placement to lower the instances of misapplications and crop injury. Then collecting the as applied from the sprayers to make sure we were on target the entire time we are in the field, all of these things protect you from liability in the future and ensure the proper stewardship of the valuable tools for resistant weed management.

Unlike the trait releases of the late 90’s these come with more riding on their success than just the promise of new technologies.  Regardless of the technology, the stewardship requirements will demand that we stay well within the standards to protect the longevity of these technologies and future of new technologies.  The margin for error is narrower than before because making a mistake will be much more costly than in the past. We have an opportunity to learn from our lessons of past technologies and move forward and employ new technologies in the most effective way possible.

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