Other people’s mistakes!

Other People’s Mistakes from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

by Keith Byerly

by Keith Byerly

I know I’ve said it here before, but my Grandma had a saying. It went along the lines of “Learn from other people’s mistakes, you don’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” Grandmas advice was solid. So far this year, I’ve had the opportunity to witness plenty of mistakes, most of them being out of our control. The weather has made what looked like solid decisions seem wrong a mere few days later. But I digress, the crutch of what I want to focus on here is not so much the “mistake” part of this conversation, but more-so the “learning from others” part.

Coming up here in a mere two weeks now is the first of our Innovation Site events at Bellwood on August 3rd, followed by Cuba Kansas on the 8th, and 81/20 on the 10th. These events are going to be different from your typical Plot Tours, or even Answer Plot events. What we are showcasing at these sites is not about products but more so our practices. I know that I don’t need to elaborate on this, but when you focus on the “why” in farming instead of the “what” you have a moving target in front of you.

Regardless, the “why” is exactly what we focused on with these events. With 70+ different treatments at each site, one thing you are not going to hear us concentrate on is the products at play. Now certainly, we are going to tell you the products that we used, but our presenters are going to be much more focused on why we did these trials, and what has happened to date. Because one thing I can assure you is, with the cool, wet month of May, we had some curveballs thrown our way. We’re not going to shy away from those, but instead, we want to embrace the challenges we have faced; because we’re certain that those same challenges have reared their heads in your fields as well.

I want you to come to our Innovation Sites to see us embrace the challenges. I want you all to realize that you are not alone when it came to slow growth, fertility challenges, Net Effective Stand numbers that didn’t match up with our hopes and so on. We want to spend our time talking about how we dealt with those challenges this year. Not just acknowledging them, but being proactive before the season started to minimize their effects. Or taking action as the season has progressed to minimize their ability to rob yield from us and protect our ability to have a profit this year.

At the end of the day, my goal for you is to come to one of these events with your trusted advisor. Not to see the same thing over again, but to learn from the things we saw this year. From the Precision Ag side, it will be a chance for my team to showcase how our planter handled conditions, how our seeding prescriptions dealt with the soil, and how we are building a better system for you to identify and attack challenges. In the grand scheme, it is your opportunity to see this same thing across seed fertility and crop protection and collaborate on strategies for the bottom line of your operation. I plan on seeing you there.