Our Marketing Playbook

by Dakota Olson

by Dakota Olson

Fall. My favorite time of the year. Harvest, pumpkin spice lattes, and Husker football, what more could you ask for? I don’t mean to hit any nerves or spark any controversy here, but it’s time to talk about Saturday’s football game. I have to admit, I may not be a die-hard Husker fan and know every player’s name on the field, but I will always continue to be a fan. I was able to spend some time with friends this weekend and watch the Husker game, of course, we were all Husker Alums. Many of us can agree that the game didn’t necessarily go as planned. We lagged in the first half, during the third quarter we started to put a few plays together, and finally in the fourth quarter we were playing ball. We could maybe blame our struggles on a new coach, new game plan, or just not having everyone on the same page. No matter which direction we point to, we all know that we gave up in overtime and didn’t finish out strong.

It looks as though we can compare our marketing plan to our game-day playbook. This year we’ve experienced every aspect of last Saturday’s Husker football game in the grain markets. We’ve had the poor quarters, and we’ve had an opportunity to “get back in the game,” but we still have a long ways to go. We can’t expect to come back 23 points in 10 minutes or $0.70 in just a few trading periods every game or every marketing year. Sometimes we might be able to get a “bail-out” from some fundamental news in the market, but this isn’t something we should bank on.


Now that summer is over, and harvest is coming in at full force, it’s time to finish out strong. The crop is made and with the luck of avoiding severe hail storms, it looks as though we are going to have another great crop on our hands. The markets are sure nothing to be excited about; I get it. However, now is not the time to “give up” and hope next year is better. Instead, let’s get ready for overtime!  Let’s finish out our marketing year strong and seize any opportunity that comes our way.

A great game-day playbook doesn’t fall into the coaches and player’s hands the day of the game. Like a playbook, we need to be working on our grain marketing all year long and not just hope for a “bail-out” after harvest. Success in marketing doesn’t happen in the fourth quarter alone; we need to show up ready to play the game.  If we are making our marketing decisions all year long, then we aren’t trying to “catch up” during harvest. Hey, it’s not too early to start thinking about next year’s playbook!

If you are looking for any 3 point opportunities in the markets or want to be pro-active for 2016, contact one of your ProEdge Grain Specialists or Risk Management Consultants. Also, please remember to be safe this harvest and use extra caution while on the roads or working long hours to get your crops out of the field.