Deer Require Year-Round Nutrition Just Like Our Cattle

Mineral bag deer

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a hunter looking for a trophy buck, proper protein and mineral programs will give deer the opportunity to utilize their genetic potential. Deer herds should have proper management and nutrition year-round to ensure their future health. There are some great feed options out there to use as you plan […]

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First Release Jitters.


2018-02-08 First Release Jitters from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. When it comes to new Precision Ag technology and hardware, there is often a bit of anxiety about being the first to try it. I think it goes back to the tongue in cheek adage, “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse […]

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Practical Biosecurity for Pigs

Pigs transport

With the cold weather here, pig farms throughout the country are concerned about the increased chances of the spread of disease in their herds.  Experience has shown that a health outbreak damages the efficiency of the herds, increases the workload on the farm, and reduces the profitability of the operation.  Depending on the disease, and […]

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Strategy from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. I was attending a live simulcast of an event from 360 Yield Center the other evening, in which Gregg Sauder was talking with growers about 2018. Gregg gave a lot of historical context to the current farm economic conditions, and what he has experienced in his lifetime of […]

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Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty


For more than 50 years, farmers have counted on the Cenex Total Protection Plan for unsurpassed coverage to help ensure that only high-quality energy products go into their valuable equipment. Think of it as a comprehensive policy – one that help keeps you in the field when you need to be there. There’s no deductible […]

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Preparing for calving season

KODAK Digital Still Camera

  Lately the word fetal programming has become popular at cow-calf meetings. We already know lifetime performance is influenced by events before birth but do we realize how much our gestating cows nutrition impacts fetal development? Let’s break down what happens in each trimester: In the first trimester, placenta and organs form. In the second […]

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How can PMI Pet Nutrition benefit your dog or cat?

Golden retriever dog walking on a country dirt road

Whether you have a hard-working farm dog or family pet, we care about their health. Our dog and cat food selection consist of three brands: Exclusive, Red Flannel and Infinia brands. The #1 ingredient in the Exclusive line is real meat with options including lamb, chicken, turkey or fish. In addition, there is a balance […]

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Changing the Question


Changing the Question from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. As most of you know, December and January is Farm show season. My team of ACS Equipment Professionals and ACS Regional Specialists will spend over 15 days this winter meeting with all of you at your “local” Farm Show. Talking with you about whats new, what […]

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Vitamin Prices Soaring

Black Angus Beef Cattle in the winter on a Minnesota Farm

Vitamin A has many vital functions concerning health, reproduction, and growth. It plays a role in vision (low light), kidney function, development of bones and nervous tissue. Vitamin A maintains the tissues lining the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive tract.  If a bull doesn’t get enough vitamin A spermatogenesis is reduced, a cow can abort her […]

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