ReachOut: Pep Talk

ReachOut: Pep Talk from United Farmers Cooperative on Vimeo.

Mike Zwingman

Mike Zwingman

This year, Mother Nature has dealt us one crappy hand after another.  I’m almost taking it personally, like a slight against my profession.  No doubt you’re feeling the same—you invest all that time and energy, and for what?


Here’s the big but: the year isn’t over.  We started, and now we have to finish.  And it isn’t about where we finish or how we finish, just that we do.  This requires of us more than a little bravery.  So, friends, go forth bravely.  See that every problem is also an opportunity.

That whole when-a-door-closes-a-window-opens perspective can be a tough one to take when all that has happened is so highly emotional.  Last Tuesday morning, a friend of mine admitted to throwing up after surveying the damage to his hail-ruined corn crop.  He felt the suck of the situation, and he felt it hard.  And that is perfectly okay.  You feel crushed by this year?  You feel sick to your stomach?  Dear growers, you are allowed to grieve.

I am not.  UFC employees are not.  Do we feel your pain?  Heck yes.  Are we saddened too by the circumstances of the year?  Darn tootin’.  But it’s our job to help you deal.

It’s our job to help you move forward.  Like I said, the year isn’t over and there’s a lot of fighting left to do.  There is yet a small window of opportunity.  It’s closing on us like that wall on Indiana Jones—we’ll have to slide under it to make it—but we can still make it, and that’s the goal.

To make the best of this worst of situations—to find the window among the many closed doors—will take more than a few tough decisions on your part.  These decisions are tougher than your usual tough decisions too—there is no right and there is no wrong and any decision you can make leads next to a whole new set of decisions.  Whether you choose to replant or switch to soybeans or take the insurance money and run, there are whys and hows to be determined, questions to be answered, and consequences to be explored.

So let us help.  Over the last few days, you’ve heard a lot about your options.  To help quiet the noise, UFC has developed multiple option plans that lay bare the best management strategies for any decision you might make.  They offer guidelines and suggestions so that you yourself are not overwhelmed by decisions.  And whether you choose to follow one of our plans or not, UFC employees are also available for your consultation and are dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need to move forward and make the most of what remains this season.Header1

In the end, friends, remember that I and my fellow employees at UFC are here to help.  More than you are our business, you are our friends, and I mean it very much when I say that if you need anything at all as you recover from this latest blow, just call.