ReachOut: A Window Opens

ReachOut: A Window Opens from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Mike Zwingman

Mike Zwingman

New Friends and Readers,

Hello, and welcome to the ReachOut series.  I’ve had the good fortune to write this article for the last year and a half, and I’m excited and humbled by the prospect of new readership by the growers of Central Valley Ag.  I hope that you’ll find my article to be a good resource for you—something that makes you think and plan and laugh when it’s a laugh you need.

The ReachOut series is not a sales tactic.  It isn’t an advice column, a humor column, or a dating column.  It isn’t a platform for my pontificating.  My goal with this series is to start conversations and, as often as I can, offer some perspective on the world in which we live.

Your job is an important one.  It is greater than growing corn.  Growers have a covenant with the world to relieve food insecurity.  You don’t just grow corn.  You feed people.

And to say that I’m pleased to be a part of your world is an understatement.  I am honored to be part of it, and I take my job very seriously.  Agriculture is not just a career for me—it is a passion and, at times, an obsession.

Thus my weekly article.

Some topics that I present here will be controversial.  Not all the conversations we will have will be easy.  In fact, very few will be easy.  If they were I’d just be wasting your good time.  Fortunately, though the conversations might be hard, they needn’t be gloomy.  I’m just as ready with a joke or story as I am to jump headlong into a discussion about soil health or combine speed.

Whatever the topic, I want to live in the solution rather than in the problem, so this space will be geared toward solutions.  We face some very serious issues in agriculture today, from water conservation to the new challenges of a global market, and I want to face those issues head on.  Growers across time untold have always had issues with which to grapple, yet here we are.  We are here today because those agricultural ancestors always found a solution.

Since the beginning of modern agriculture, innovation has always met the challenge.  From the Mayan who picked up an ear of corn and dug a hole, to the horse and the plow, to hybridized seed corn, to center pivot irrigation, to biotechnology and now precision technology, innovation has won the day.  It has paved the way from the past to our present, and it will pave the way into the future.  I want to be part of that.  I want you to be part of that.Blue Box

In the end, I guess I can say that I want to leave our land better than we found it.  I want your kids to inherit your farms bursting with productivity and profitability.  I want always to keep sustainability in the forefront, so that one day in the future, your grandkids can inherit the farm, then your great-grandkids, and so on.  I love what you all do, I love what I do, and I hope that you’ll read often.  I am very much looking forward to working with you.