ReachOut: #Awesome

ReachOut: #Awesome from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

The planter is done.

People.  This is Christmas, my birthday, and the 4th of July all rolled into one glorious machine.  It’s a hulk of a planter.  It is Plantimus Prime.  The copo camero of planters.  The planter Dale Earnhart Sr. would have driven if he drove planters.  But it’s a gentle giant.  Part Steve Austin, part sweet grandma as it cradles and nurtures little baby seeds to grow and create 680 other baby seeds.  Oh, the awesomeness!  The singulation!  The perfect down pressure!  I can put fertilizer exactly where I want.

It is the planter all other planters aspire to be.

How—how?!—do I express that this planter is the culmination of so many of my hopes and dreams?  I need to roll it out of a Chinook heli with the AC/DC theme song it deserves. —kapow!—like it’s truth.

This planter, friends—it inspires me.  It makes me want to pump my fist in the air and yell ‘Merica!  It makes me want to rip my polo like Hulk Hogan.  It makes me want to…hashtag.

Yes.  Before the planter, my life was #empty.  But it has filled a hole in my heart and now, oh #now, I have something to hashtag about.  #loveisintheair #CVArules #I’manerd

Sure, hashtags are totally ridiculous.  I’ve despised them since their inception for being the epitome of “Hey, look at me!”  But now, I actually kind of get it.  That’s exactly what they’re for.  And, when used intelligently (holy cow—what have I become?) they can pull together a conversation, draw a theme.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present #everyplantmatters 


This hashtag is more than a hashtag.  It’s a sign.  It means stop, people, and pay attention.  It is the anthem when we talk about planter perfection.  It’s the theme that underscores what we talk about every time we talk about things like compaction, irrigation, seeding depth, residue management, plant growth regulators—everything meaningful to a single plant.

Look for it online in the lead up to the Answer Plot, where you can certainly expect to see the most rockin’ planter demo I can dream up.  I might not have the budget for a Chinook or AC/DC or Ironman, but I’m still going to wreak a little havoc with it.  Let it misbehave, like the Hulk.  Make a mess, then clean it up.  It will show you what a planter can really do, how sexy an American made machine can be.

Every Plant Matters isn’t just a #hashtag line to get your attention; it is the theme for this year’s RD Summer Series at the Answer Plots.  It will be the basis of all the conversations we have at those events; the focus on how any single decision we make isn’t independent of itself, but how they interact with each other as a whole.

Maybe they’ll let me wave some sparklers around or something.  Anything to honor and salute the 15 feet of green planter goodness that makes my heart sing.