ReachOut: Making Elbow Room

ReachOut: Making Elbow Room from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

I’m feeling a little crowded right now.

Word at the coffee pot is that some other companies around town are trying to do our job.  Now, I’m a red-blooded, meat-eating, give-me-my-baseball, and God-bless-capitalism kind of American, so I can’t whine overmuch about a little competition.

So I won’t whine.

I’ll just tell you why we’re better than they are.

We’ve got mud on our boots.

Mike Zwingman

Mike Zwingman

There are a lot of people in the ag market right now trying to make some money.  They’ll throw a little tech-speak your way to see if you bite.  Those of you who regularly read these articles know that I have a heart for technology, but I’ll say this: if you’re going to read my yield monitor, you’d better have some mud on your boots first.  Anybody who can read—heck, forget literacy: anybody who can listen to a training—can knock on your door and sound like didn’t they just invent the latest and greatest doodad to revolutionize your operation.  But do they really know?

We do.  We know because we’re out in your fields every day.  We know because we’re your neighbors—always have been and always will be.  We know because…

Raising crops is our core competency.

More specifically, raising crops right here in the Good Life is our core competency.  We are a team of regional specialists with experience and education tailored exactly to the challenges and quirks of Nebraska’s unique climate and soils.  And we have the know-how to make the most of them, from a depthy understanding of your soil sample results to a precise interpretation of the data from your yield monitor.  We bring it all to bear on the singular goal of helping you raise your crops.

We’re the Avengers and/or the Watchmen (comic books nerds, take your pick).

By which I mean that we’re a pretty impressive team committed to defending your interests.

The impressive part: United Farmers’ Cooperative merged with Central Valley Agronomy over eight months ago now, and it’s about time that somebody toots the horn.  That merger brought together some of the smartest minds working in the ag business today, people who are connected, innovative, unafraid, and able to execute.  We get stuff done from that Nitrogen application on your south field next Friday morning to biomass monitoring via a freaking former DOD satellite.  That’s cool.

Blue BoxThe defender part: There are farmers selling water rights in California and New Mexico.  Just across the river in Iowa, municipalities are suing the very state they reside in over farmers’ impact on the quality of their drinking water.  Farming is sometimes a contact sport and is always a little harrowing in a world that changes constantly.  We believe that you shouldn’t go it alone.  We believe that it is our job as a farmer-owned company to watch out for you and defend your best interests.  We believe that when changes comes knocking, it is our job to be prepared.

We are leading the direction of ag in our part of the world toward profitability and sustainability.  So, really, if there’s somebody new knocking down your door offering up what we already have, I’ll take that as evidence that we’re ahead of the curve.