ReachOut: Preparations

ReachOut: Preparations from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Mike Zwingman

Mike Zwingman

Have you ever volunteered to help someone move—maybe a friend or a cousin or one of your kids—and you show up, and they’re not packed?  It is maddening, and between the wrapping and jamming and running to Walmart for more boxes, it takes forever.

Oh, if only they’d planned, even just a teensy bit.

Friends, it’s February.  We’ve gotten a few nice hints of spring, but for the most part, it’s still cold and snowy.  I for one wouldn’t mind feeding old Puxatuany Phil to a couple hungry coyotes right about now.  The month of February is like having a case of the Mondays for 28 days straight.

But the world goes on, and when we can’t be out in the fields, it’s a pretty great time to sit down with your favorite Central Valley Ag Field Sales Agronomist and chart your course for the upcoming season.  There are project calendars to be made for each field, orders and expectations to be communicated, and there’s a Plan A to be drawn up and a Plan B.  Just in case, for example, it’s too wet for anhydrous, or you don’t get a burn down herbicide on, or your first plan for weed control proves a little too futile against the monsters out there.

February is the time for that step-by-step, field-by-field, month-by-month plan of action.  But, Mike, you might be thinking, I’ve already got a farm plan, so I’m just going to hang out a bit longer.  And to you, friend, I would say that a farm plan is a grocery list—a recipe at best.  The plan I’m talking about here is an action plan.  What are the executable items you anticipate for the season, who owns them, and when and how?  You say that you’re going to plant the corn.  Awesome.  Do you need us to deliver it?

That’s why having your FSA at the table when you draw up your plan is important.  If you need something from us—whether it is something as simple as delivery or as complex as a custom application—we’re a stakeholder in your operation this season, and we need to know what actions you expect of us.  Blue Box

This information helps CVA be ready with the people, equipment, and supplies you need, so that when you show up, we won’t have to be that guy who wasn’t ready to move.  (Ha ha—yep, we’re the person in the opening metaphor not ready to go.  Did you really think I’d write an article comparing y’all to someone so irritating and unprepared?)

I know it’s frustrating to expect one thing of your co-op and get another.  We don’t want to frustrate you.  In fact, we’d prefer to have the engine already warming or the palettes already loaded when you show up expecting A or B.  Your simple communication with us can help us get there.

Let’s bring an end to the bellyache, the headache.  Let’s get you what you need when you need it.  It’s February and it’s flipping cold.  So call us, and we’ll come to your table.