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Mike Zwingman

Mike Zwingman

Friends.  As much as I’d like to say so, all this stuff that I write about doesn’t just spring fully formed from my noggin.  I read.  A lot.  I listen.  I do research-y things.  And I go online.  In fact, I Twitter.  (Remember my ode to hashtags a few articles ago?)    I’m not embarrassed to say that I kind of love Twitter: it’s a world of information and perspectives, chunked up into bite size pieces.

I’ve been dropping the heavy on you lately, so let’s take a breather today, huh?  That’s another thing Twitter is good for—a break.  So whether you Twitter too or not, I present to you a small sample of the many very useful handles active today on Twitter.  They influence me greatly and stand as some proof, I hope, that I am neither the genius who comes up with this all on my lonesome, nor the idiot out there in left field:


A sample article title: Planting Date Not As Important As Soil Conditions.  Hm.  Now where have I heard that before?


Tom is the author of many books about shifting paradigms in the business world and how to engage.  About leadership, he tweets: “I’ll take a little less “inspiring” “vision” and a little more “down and dirty” “execution.””


Jill Brown Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for External Relations Institute of Ag Sciences and Natural Resources at UNL.  She’s a great resource for knowing what your land grant university is up to.


Robb Fraley is the CTO of Monsanto.  He likes to engage with people who disagree with him and his company, once famously slipping away from his security detail only to be found later hanging out on the beach chatting up some granolas.  He’s an excellent representative—and frontline leader—of the pro-ag movement.


Because sometimes you need a laugh.


Provides fantastic information on relevant legislative issues and general current news and other goings-on.


Guy was one of the people who started Apple.  He is still an entrepreneur today with lots of good advice to give.  If only I’d listened to him when Apple was still a little seed…  Perhaps I’d be writing this from my private beach in Mexico.

@ReinkeFarm and @FriesenFarms

Follow a fellow grower.


Max Armstrong is one of the most recognizable faces and voices in agricultural broadcasting, Max has originated broadcasts from all 50 states and 30 different foreign nations.  Additionally he is a big antique tractor fan and fellow Red Tractor enthusiast.


One of the largest farms in the US, located in northern Indiana. Tom Farms is a great operation that gives back to our industry and is exemplary for its commitment to its people.  @TomFarms is a trusty reminder that what we do is all about people.


For an outside perspective on a tricky or complex situation.

Blue BoxAnd a final three: all total no-brainers for adding to your list if you’re not following them already.


You own us.  Follow yourselves.


The Twitter handle for my team.

@CVA AgronomyRD

My very own.  Always super interesting and surpassingly awesome.