ReachOut: When a Door Closes

ReachOut: When a Door Closes from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Mike Zwingman

Mike Zwingman

Dear Friends,

This is my last article as an employee of United Farmers Cooperative.

But I’m not going anywhere.

Next week, I’ll be back in this very same spot.  My ugly mug will still be up top here, and I’ll sound pretty much the same.  My jokes will still be weak, and my stories as stupid and embarrassing as usual.  I’ll still be terrible at golf.  However, our logo will change, and with it, a few other changes will come our way as well.  We’ve had a marvelous run at UFC, but as has been a theme of mine over the past few months, it is time to evolve.

We will become, as you know, Central Valley Ag Cooperative as we merge with our good neighbor to the north.  It’s a good pairing, forged with some friendly give and take and beneficial to everyone involved.

I’m very pleased that this series will be continuing.  You’ve been excellent and loyal readers over the past 80 weeks!  You’ve put up with some pretty crazy ideas, followed me through some intangible concepts, and persevered through more than a few tough conversations.  You’ve tolerated my humor quite admirably.   I’ve appreciated your audience and feedback, your attendance at our events, and most of all, your patronage of our great co-op.  None of this—this article, our RD program—would exist without you.

While this isn’t an end, some things are still bound to change.  That’s the nature of evolution.  However those changes, I firmly believe, are the start of something very special.

In regards to this humble series, as our cooperative expands, so does the number of growers it will reach and seek to assist.  Some future articles won’t be directly about you and your situation, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in it for you.  I might be writing ostensibly about South Antelope County, but most certainly there will be concepts in such an article that apply to you.  You can think globally, but act locally.  I hope that you agree that there is great power in doing so.Header1

You have shown your fidelity and faithfulness to me and my little series, and you have my deepest gratitude.  As we navigate this evolution together, I promise to return the favor.  In everything new, you want some feeling of what was, some continuity and some safety, and that will ever be here.  Our logo may change, but our identity and personality will stay the same.  There will be more fat jokes (directed only at me, of course).  There will be more of Mike’s Rules.  There will be another family trip to the ER that I will relate to agronomy.  There will be more, and I’m happy that we will be continuing on together.