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by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

By now some or maybe all of you have received a “save the date” postcard from CVA – amongst many other things that come in the mail this time of the year, from graduation to wedding invitations. This year we decided to change the way we communicate with you about new innovative strategies and technologies. Starting with our new RD Innovation Series events. This year there will be three events held in the month of August:

  • August 3, 2017 – Bellwood, NE
  • August 8, 2017 – Cuba, KS
  • August 10, 2017 – Randolph, NE

These sites are going to have a few things you may have seen in the past, in addition to a lot of new things!

Here are a few examples of what we’re excited to show you and give you a feel for.


As always you will see a Corn Hybrid and Soybean Variety demo block just like you would expect at a field day. We completely understand the role hybrid selection plays in the direction and reasoning that we make all other agronomic decisions during your growing season. We need to have a discussion about how hybrid characteristics influence decisions like plant population, nitrogen rate and timing in addition to whether you use a fungicide or not.  This block is the foundation that the rest of the site is built on.


We are going to have a Multi-Hybrid Planter Demonstration where we not only show you what a field looks like throughout the growing season but we talk about how we create the prescriptions and what information we use to get there. We believe this is a tool with a large amount of potential for some of you and your operations in the future, but still, there are many agronomic and logistical questions we need to answer.


Demonstrations with the planter aren’t going to stop with Multi-Hybrid technologies, you all have read or heard Keith and I talk about the importance seeding depth and downforce plays in achieving ideal Net Effective Stand Percentages(NESP). So, we made a block entirely dedicated to planter set up and how that affects stand establishment, root and ear development and finally yield.  There you will see different downforce settings, planter depth and settings of residue managers.


Near there you will see the latest in in-furrow and seed treatment technologies for both corn and soybeans. There will also be a demonstration on how corn and soybeans react to different rates of BEGIN from low to high to show crop safety and any potential issues we may or may not have had.


We also will have a Nitrogen and Water Management block where we will apply nitrogen as recommended by different models and water per the probe to show you how the two technologies and managements work hand in hand to benefit your operation. As we are talking nitrogen, there will also be a nitrogen stabilizer demo where we will be tracking nitrogen in the soil and in the soil water throughout the growing season to give you a better idea of how they work.


Then in the final agronomic blocks, we bring it all together to show how these technologies can benefit your bottom line. The agronomy team at CVA will be using every tool we have at our disposal and make the best agronomic and economic decision possible to develop a plan maximizing profitability not just yield.

Lastly our teammates from the ProEdge group are helping us get some great grain speakers to talk about the latest in what is happening in the grain markets to help you take advantage of any opportunities left in the growing and marketing year.

We hope you all can make it out to one of these events. Our goal is to make these events impact the profitability of your operation for years to come. We also hope to make some of the intangible things we talk about everyday live for you, so you can touch, feel and ask about them all.