Round Two

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by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

Friends, call me a sucker, but I’m the kind of guy who enjoys a good “remember when.” I like to rehash things, to revisit, reference, remember. It helps me to attach this to that. To make sense of where I am and why.

So, of course, if I’m that kind of guy, I’m that kind of agronomist too. And as I set my sights on the upcoming second round of RD events, I’m remembering some promises I’ve made that yet need to be fulfilled and the questions and themes from the first round that need still to be played out.

My first order of business in this second round is to make good on the optimum acre talk I’ve been throwing around all year. The optimum acre is a complex but desirable goal: it is the end product of our leveraging the whole of the technology available to us today to increase yield and profit without busting your bottom line. I’ve got a live demonstration in mind. No cute little ears stuck to boards for this one. Which means that I’m risking being wrong in front of a live audience, so you know, if the whole increasing yield and profit deal doesn’t get you to come, maybe the potential for my public failure will.

2010-08-31-at-11-06-03In addition to this, there are some timely issues to tackle before your lives go on with school, harvest, sports, etc. The timely topics we’ll cover:

  • It’ not an August field day without a list of the exciting hybrids lining up for 2016. Instead of inundating you with superficial info on the top 10 or 12, this year, we’re giving you the backstage tour of the three or four most suited to excel in our area.
  • This spring provided us with a ton of evidence (and visual aides to boot) of the value in a fall burndown. We’ll cover your options for a fall burndown this year and the details of how the options would fit into your particular situation and operation.
  • The mechanics of fertility is a usual suspect at our events, but we’re going to take it a step further this year with a visual display of what fertility levels actually look like in your soil. You’ll just have to use your imagination about that for now, but it’s going to be pretty neat and you’ll learn to what implications the different levels have for your plants.
  • As we near the home stretch on irrigation, we’ll take a look at our aqua systems probes and what they mean for us, as in how long we’ll have to water and what our final irrigation schedule might look like.

It’s always my goal that these events ultimately be very informative for you. As usual, I also promise to my level best to make your attendance well worth your time, which I know is beyond value. More than ever though, these events will be specifically tailored to your locality. You’ll see more familiar faces than ever at these events as we put more local talent (like your FSAs) in Blue-Box-e1409667504172the spotlight. I hope that our attention to your particular locality will drive home the authenticity with which Central Valley Ag and its employees serves your operation, but I also invite you to challenge us to go off script. Come rough us up a bit. Ask us questions. Make us answer, human to human.

Because at the end of the day, whatever our plans, they are superseded by your concerns. See you soon, friends.