Share, Compare and Prepare for 2014

Mike Zwingman

Mike Zwingman

Oh what a year we have had; from the prospects of what looked like a late planting season, crazy weather in the middle of the year, to a harvest that seemed like it would never end, we made it through.  This is the time of year when we talk about to what degree did something work for you; and if it didn’t, why not?  The same is true about me and the RD program.  We recently completed our RD Series Post Harvest meetings where the attendees heard us Share our stories, Compare our results against expectations, and set the stage to Prepare our producers for what is next.  In this article, we are going to just briefly touch on some of the highlights from this year’s RD program.

The things we tested and evaluated and will talk about at length over the winter are: Ascend™, Headline® in furrow, Priaxor™ on both Corn and Soybeans, Additional N on Soybeans, Potassium in many forms on Corn, and the AquaSpy moisture probes.  All these things we tested provided us with valuable information on the best “fit” or application of those products that will enhance our chances of success.


The first product I will share about in this article is Ascend™, our Plant Growth Regulator from Winfield Solutions.  Ascend™ is a product we have used for three years now with great success, and this year was no different.  In five separate trials across the UFC territory, we experienced a 4.76 bushel per acre increase over the untreated check, with a return on investment of $1.44 for every one dollar spent on the product.  This yield increase came mostly from a more consistent and even plant stand and better developed root system.  We tried some of the other applications of Ascend™ this year that are listed on the label and had mixed results.  We will try some of these applications again next year with different timings to see if we find an additional fit for this product.

Header1We had positive responses from potassium in corn, with an increase of 5-10 bushels per acre with a return on investment of 1.56 with the proper rate and timing.  We found that we got the same ROI response from using both 50-100 lbs of KMag in the field applied at near the V10 stage in corn.  In a number of locations we had a positive response to Headline® in furrow when used alone in starter.  At the Post Harvest meetings we talked about the best fit of that product application for you and your operation.  Lastly, we talked about what we learned from the AquaSpy network at UFC and how we can best use that capacitance probe in the future to more efficiently use water to raise the same or even better crops than we have today.  There is too much information to put into one article, so please contact your local FSA for a complete breakdown and explanation of the data from the 2013 season.