Something New

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by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

Perhaps I’ve hammered on nitrogen and the NESP enough lately, yes?  I can assure you that both are topics certain to resurface in good time, but for today, I’m happy to lay off a bit and instead offer up to y’all my shameless excitement for, of all things, a new product.

I make it a rule to keep product placement and sales pitches in a tiny little corner of this series, but I will—and do—talk about products, like nitrification inhibitors, that I believe in and for which I see a valuable place in your operations.  This is one such product, and one that is quite near and dear as it is the end result of much work and research on the part of CVA and yours truly.

It’s not a usual practice for a co-op to do R&D or develop products for market, but when we recognized a need, we went for it and paired our Begin starter fertilizer with companion products for use during the season.  The resulting product has an excellent balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, other beneficial micro- and macro-nutrients, and contains a solid and proven plant growth assimilator.  When applied in-season, it helps to drive biochemical reactions as plants enter critical and stressful growth stages, affecting and improving the ways plants take up, mobilize, and use nitrogen.  In effect, it helps plants thrive through stressful times, makes them more competitive, more tenacious, more native.  It takes them off the leash a bit and drives key reactions to the absolute screaming edge of efficiency.

If I sound a little pumped about this, it’s because I am.  This product, which is so new as to not yet have a name, is the result of over two years of development by the RD arm of CVA and our partners Verdisian Life Sciences.  What we recognized all that time ago was that we were reaching the end of what we can do to manage nitrogen from outside the plant—we knew that it was time to go inside.  And so, years of R&D (yes, this is what I do when I’m not in the fields with you fine people), years of lab time, and finally (finally!), here we are.


As I said though, we don’t even have a name for it yet.  This here today isn’t a sales pitch because we’re not ready for that.  What this is is a casting call, an opportunity to be part of building something: we need some intrepid growers to help us test drive this baby.  We need some local data.  We need some real world.

I’m not the kind to overpromise, so I won’t make any of the dubious claims that some competitors have made about similar products.  They’ll say that so much of such and such a product is the equivalent of so many pounds of nitrogen—I find such equations hard to believe so I won’t make such a pitch to you.  The pitch I will make is that this product is the result of real world need and real good science.  It has enormous potential for your operations in both corn and soybeans (for use with which I’m extra excited about) and poses benefits for your plants that aren’t offered by the other products you’re using.

Do I have your ear?  If so, give me a call, friend.  This is a chance to participate in the last step of a product’s development.  That’s exciting, and an opportunity I want to share with you.  You are, after all, for whom this product was made.