Southern Spotlight: Groundhog Day

James Banahan

James Banahan

Hear that sound?  Listen.  That’s a sigh of relief.

As I write this article, most everything is in the ground and for a moment, we can breathe a little easier.

Just for a moment though, because in about 30 days, our wheat crop is coming off.  Within 60 days time, you’ll begin making some serious decisions about next season.  With the 2014 crop in, folks, let’s talk about 2015!

If that makes your head spin, you’re not alone.  Here we are, not even done with the first half of the year, and already we’re talking about the next.  The corn seed reps that visit our offices are already forecasting for next year, and any good, long-term planning is done with an eye toward ten months hence.

Don’t despair.  Groundhog Day is in July this year.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s one that I can actually recommend to you.  For the uninitiated among you, in Groundhog Day, Bill Murray is a news anchor who relives one day, Groundhog Day, over and over.  At first, he believes this is a curse, but as time goes on (or rather as time repeats itself) he comes to think of it as an opportunity to get it right.

This is what is coming for us: the opportunity to get it right.  As you start to plan for 2015, think of it as such, as a chance to redo and correct old mistakes, as a chance to do all that should have done last time, as a chance to change your future.

We get this chance every year, but with the wheat crop coming off early, we have a special opportunity this year to try a few new things.  That little bit of extra time could be just what you need to venture into some new territory and put something new out on your fields.

So what intrigues you?  Ag lime?  Something else?  Don’t know?  Then think about it.  What are you lacking?  What goal has eluded you season after season?  What makes you nervous?

About 60 days from now, your FSA will be paying you a visit to offer you an opportunity to purchase fertilizer for next season.  In the days leading up to our visit, I hope that you’ll think about these things and seize the opportunity to try something new.  As you consider what you might like to try, keep your plans for crop rotations and chemical applications in mind as well, so that we can be sure everything gels how you would want it to.  Then talk to us.  Let us know your wants, needs, goals—let us know your vision for 2015, and let’s start planning for it.