Southern Spotlight: Mix Ins


James Banahan

James Banahan

I love me some ice cream.  I’m not too picky about the flavor either—I’m absolutely an equal-opportunity ice cream eater.  And ice cream weather is upon us.

But while ice cream is so very excellent in its own right, it’s better with extra stuff added into it and on top of it, right?  Even my four-year-old already knows this to be true. Vanilla, chocolate: yes please, but I’d take some butterscotch topping or marshmallow with it, and some nuts and whipped cream while you’re at it, too.

Maybe it’s a weird analogy, but a lot of what I can say about ice cream, I can say about Roundup.  Now, I have no idea what Roundup tastes like, and I hope that you don’t either; what I mean is that like ice cream is good in its own right, it’s best as a base, best when dressed up with a few extra bells and whistles that enhance and compliment its awesomeness.  Roundup is good all by its lonesome, but it’s best when you mix a few things in.

And just like there’s a lot to add to a sundae, there’s a lot to add to Roundup in your tank—things like Dicamba, an HPPD inhibitor, a micronutrient package, and/or a fungicide, just to name a few.  Of course, what is best to add depends on your taste—or the taste of your crops.  For example, do you think that you might have shorted your crop some Nitrogen?  You can add a slow release product to your tank mix now.  Did you use a questionable pre-emerge?  You can add a residual to your tank to boost your weed defense.

If you’re uncertain about what your plants need or what might benefit them best, we welcome you to contact UFC.  Perhaps your corn is a pea green, and you’re just not sure why.  Perhaps you suspect a N deficiency—or are those streaks a sulfur deficiency?  We can assist you in diagnosing whatever issue you find yourself facing with a tissue sample to ensure that we target the true problem at hand.IMG_5388

Not that you need a problem to benefit from all the tank mix options available to you now.  Perhaps you’ve faced some challenges in the past that limited your yield, and though things are looking sunny right now, you want to head off any repeat performance.  Perhaps you simply have a yield goal in mind and want to boost your chances of attaining it.  A good mix in or two to your tank can address your concerns and assist you in the pursuit of your goals.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to add mix ins to your tank of Roundup makes each pass through your field better and more efficient.  You’ll be out there anyhow, so why not add a little something extra and multiply the benefits of your efforts?  It’s early in the game yet.  Your options are many, so dream up that ideal sundae and get to mixing.