Southern Spotlight: The Other Side

James Banahan

James Banahan

Grain prices are still kind of in the bucket, aren’t they?  I hear you.  But in honor of Thanksgiving, let’s chase away the blues today and speak some truth: maybe things aren’t always so rosy, but there’s always something to be thankful for, no matter what.

A small list, to get you started:

The Chiefs are first in the AFC West.

You’re healthy.

You have a lovely family.

You get to do the job you want to do.

The first three are probably give-me’s, even with your in-laws visiting this week.  The last one’s a harder sell given the year we’ve had, but fortunately, I’m bringing evidence to the table:

You set your own schedule.

No time clock.

You’re the boss.

You get to see my shiny face on a regular basis.

No desk.

Your bookkeeper (wife) likely isn’t embezzling from you.

On snow days, you can stay home and watch Days of Our Lives.

Are you with me?

Maybe it’s a bit cliché or worn out to remind you that there’s always something to count as a blessing, but it’s only said so much because we need so often to be reminded of the silver linings that hem even the darkest of clouds.  If we’re speaking truth, then it should be said that there is always another side and that we can walk through to it.  I have a colleague (and friend) in recovery after a big surgery.  However, he’s been given a clean bill of health—evidence of the other side and our ability to get there, through trials and tribulations that at times seem bigger than us.

So this year we’ve just had—in the grand scheme it’s a darkened cloud for sure, but not the darkest and not so big.  And the silver lining—it’s all around us.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.