Southern Spotlight: What The 4×4 On Your Agronomist’s Pickup Stands For

James Banahan

James Banahan

You know the punchline, right?  That 4×4 on your pickup stands for four weeks of planting, four weeks of harvest, and 44 weeks of tooling around.

That’s what a lot of growers I talk to think about me and my fellow Field Sales Agronomists.  That when we’re not in the field, we must be lazing about.

In reality, sure, there’s a little tooling around in our down time, but mostly, outside of those eight weeks of perceived work, we’re actually still hard at it, working to perfect our skills.  Just like Tom Brady works hard in his offseason, so do we.  He’s troubleshooting footwork and such—we’re improving recommendations.  He’s devising an offense—we’re developing new services.

That “down time” is time we use to improve as agronomists.  All that knowledge we bring into the field—it has to come from somewhere, and it comes from the meetings, trainings, certifications, etc that we accomplish in the other weeks of the year.pickup picture

For example, your FSA may or may not be a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA).  If your FSA isn’t one, he’s using his offseason to become one.  Yes, there’s a test, and yes, it takes a lot of studying—while things like grapes and trees aren’t typical crops around here, they still make it onto the exam.  Also necessary for certification, of course, is some pretty profound knowledge of things like soil and water, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.    If your FSA is already a CCA, he’s using his offseason to keep his certification current via Continuing Education Units that address the latest advances in crop science and technology.

So we’re not exactly at a party.

And we’re not exactly devising new and ingenious ways to take your money.

Instead, we’re learning.  We’re working to improve our recommendations and your investment of dollars.  We’re putting our heads together to improve our services and help you raise the most profitable crop possible.

Ultimately, we’re working for you, every week of the year.