Stock-up On Energy


By Dick Munn, Vice President of Energy

The United Farmers Cooperative Energy Division prides itself on making Customer Service our number one goal.  The summer of 2012 proved to be a great example of that.  With the severe dry weather in the Midwest, the demands put on irrigation were high.  During the months of June, July and August, a time when it was critical to providing water needs to the crops, the UFC bulk delivery team of full-time and backup drivers delivered nearly 5 million gallon of fuel and propane to our customers.  We want to take this opportunity to thank our employees for their dedication to our customers and thank our customers for trusting us with their business. 

The Nebraska PERC voted at its last meeting to reinstate the irrigation engine incentive for 2013.  This incentive will be available for anyone purchasing a propane irrigation engine.  The only requirement to qualify for the incentive will be that data must be collected during the first year of the program in order to qualify for the research-based funds.  Forms to apply for the incentive will be available in January of 2013.  The rebates will vary based on the size of the engine, but will average around $1500 per unit.  This program may also be used in conjunction with the National incentive, so customers could double their money back with both programs.  If you are interested, please contact your LP driver or call the York office at 402-362-8434 or 402-362-8437.

Contracting Options:  Fixed Price, Max Price and Min/Max.  Contracting is available daily by calling the York office.

We offer Ruby FIELDMASTER and ROADMASTER XL fuels for your farm equipment.  These top quality Cenex fuels improve fuel economy, increase lubricity and improve power.  Combine FIELDMASTER with Cenex Premium Lubricants and protect your equipment with the Total Protection Plan Warranty.  Sign up today for the drawing for a FREE new or used warranty.  Contact your driver, any UFC location or call 402-362-8434 for more information or visit for more details on this terrific warranty program.